Friday, July 15, 2011

This is some real flower power

So for those unfamiliar with breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, in my limited knowledge and reading, I found out that they often tattoo new nipples on the breasts. In talking to my mom about this, as she is preparing herself for the prospect of a double mastectomy, she made the comment, "I think I'll have them just tattoo something else there. Maybe I'll get coy fish, or daisies. Daisies make me smile and if I saw daisies every morning waking up it would spread a little cheer."

Funny stuff! But of course, now I'm wondering why the heck not? I mean, if seeing daisies there would make my mom happy and she really thinks that. . .I'm not sure why what has started as a joke shouldn't be gone through with if it truly would bring her a smile.

She also said something in the nature that it's not like tattooed nipples really look all that real anyway and if they are going to be altered, why not have something fun. Of course, it would be kind of funny at future doctor appointments after she has daisies for nipples. I can only imagine doctor's faces when they saw that. Sounds like chuckle material to me. :)


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