Friday, July 8, 2011

Plans Make a Difference

We are going to celebrate every single thing, no matter how small.

The night that we received the results, I was so peeved at how my mother's primary care doctor had handled the situation that I asked a group of friends for some recommendations for good primary care doctors in Orlando. Honestly, I think a higher power had control of this situation and knew she would be best served with a different doctor. His response was just the nudge she needed to switch.  One specific doctor was named SEVERAL times. The bonus is the doctor is also a woman, which my mother would prefer. So, I gave the name to mom and she called the next day to schedule a new patient visit - the appointment was August 5th which is a little long to wait to switch but we will take what we can get.

Today I decided I would also call her for an appointment so I can get established and ask for a referral for my mammogram. I'm not a fan of my current primary care doctor, so figured there is no better time than the present to just do it. I called the office and spoke to an extremely pleasant person on the phone. She took my information and said they had just had a cancellation and the next available appointment was next Wednesday, July 13th. I was so excited!! Not for me, but for my mom! I immediately told her that my mother had called yesterday and scheduled a new patient appointment and we would love it if she could have that spot and I'll take a later spot. She was so sweet, said of course we could do that and booked my mom for the 13th. The timing is perfect! So mom will go to her next Wednesday and I'll go on August 10th - with my first mammogram soon to follow.

Another glimmer of light is through asking many friends in the area for surgeon recommendations, we received the same name over and over again. She is a breast surgeon at MD Anderson. My mother went ahead and called and they were able to schedule an appointment for July 19th. (We were anticipating a much, much longer wait). When I got home this evening, a very good friend had asked her friend that is also a doctor in Orlando (OB doctor that delivered Matthew, my first son, actually) and he gave the same name. We just know she's going to the right place and we are finding the right doctors for the case.

All of this just makes this process a little less scary.  A plan is already in place. And we will celebrate every little thing we can.

You are welcome to leave comments on this blog for my mom. I'd also love to know if you have scheduled your mammogram yet?


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