Friday, September 2, 2011

Two weeks after surgery. . .

It has been two weeks since my mother's surgery. It's been a rough road with a lot of ups and downs. Wednesday was a fantastic milestone - the JP drains were removed, giving my mother a bit more freedom. She's able to shower on her own now, which was a huge challenge before. It's not easy to be a seemingly healthy adult woman one month and then require help doing some of the simplest things the next month. But, she has been taking it all in stride. She thoroughly enjoyed being able to shower, alone, Wednesday evening.

Last night marked another milestone in her journey to healing - she and I went to the grocery store. She said it felt so good to just get out of the house, pick out her own groceries and just "do" something different than sitting in the chair.

Tonight, we ran a very short errand. She also cooked dinner. I helped her a tiny bit with things like peeling potatoes and so forth, but she was so happy to just make a meal. It's normalcy one craves after experiencing such a life changing event - and slowly, she is getting that back.

The medical update is minimal. She saw the doctor on Wednesday. Everything looks great. Reconstruction is going well and she will be going back in two weeks so they can increase the volume of the implants. She has started with some exercises to help regain mobility and strength in her arms. This major, upper body, surgery has taken it's toll on her strength in the upper body. So, she's working on walking her arms up the wall. They can increase the volume of the implants once she is able to lift her arms over her head - so she's working towards that goal and plans to hit it within two weeks. I know she'll do it.

She will be visiting the oncologist soon who will go over the treatment options she now faces after surgery. All of this is so positive, as it means she's making great progress in recovery. It also means time is passing and each day she is closer and closer to normalcy.

So, that's the update for now.

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Thanks everyone!! Please feel free to post comments for my mom and I'll make sure she gets your messages!

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