Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Michael Jackson

"If I am going to have Dolly Parton boobs I want Dolly Parton wigs too."

This was a statement made in the car on the way to the wig store. It was of course said in jest by my mom, and set the expectation of a jovial tone for wig shopping. We decided that we would not normally be going wig shopping, ever, so we might as well make the most of a new experience. We drove across town to a small boutique that came recommended by a survivor. We walked in the door and the overall feeling of the shop was very classy. We were warmly greeted by a lady at the door and we explained that my mom would be starting chemo next week (as early as Tuesday) and were in need of a wig. She asked another girl in the shop to assist us and my mother was seated in front of a mirror.

The assistant immediately grabbed a wig that was about the same length as my mom's hair. It had a bit more curl in it than my mom's and was really BIG. Mom put it on and she and I both giggled a bit. It just wasn't the right one. The ladies helping us didn't really crack a smile. I know they were just being extremely respectful and they were extremely kind. But, we were trying to make the situation light.

We eventually found a wig that was the right color and length. It does have a slight curl, which mom's hair doesn't have but it is a close enough match to work. We also went to MD Anderson and The American Cancer Society to see what they had. Both were helpful resources and mom did get a few scarfs/hats that should be comfortable.

Once home, we discovered that the head my mom's wig sits on has the face of Michael Jackson. I think it's the nose. The wig is now known as Michael Jackson. The jokes started coming. . .

Mom's on her chemo bed, ill and asks a helper, "Please bring me Michael Jackson."

Mom's riding in dad's convertible and Michael Jackson blows off her head. She shouts behind the car, "Don't run over Michael Jackson!!"

However, the funniest part is the fact that Michael now sits on top of the refrigerator. Mom is afraid Isaac, their black lab also known as "King Lab" because of his girth, will grab it and chew it up if it's not placed high up somewhere. We teased him a little with the wig. First mom put it on. He barked. Then mom made it dance in the air. He barked. Then mom put it back on the refrigerator next to the dog treats and I pretended to feed Michael Jackson a dog treat. Isaac was extremely concerned.

Today wasn't a terrible day. We shed some tears and we've shared a few laughs.

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