Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bad News Today

Well, no one told us that this was going to be easy and it is certainly proving to be one of the most difficult things our family has ever faced.

My mom had her oncologist appointment today. Going into this appointment we didn't really have any nervousness about it. We really thought it would be a pretty standard appointment, mom would pick up a prescription for the chemotherapy pills she was going to start on (which are supposed to be much more mild chemotherapy) and she would be on her way.

Wow, what a shocker when that series of events didn't pan out as anticipated.

My mom ended up having two appointments today, one with the oncologist and another with the breast surgeon. I honestly can't tell you which doctor said what, so I'm going to lump it all together.

My mom learned today that her breast cancer is actually stage IV due to the fact that it metastasized. It was her left breast that had invasive cancer. That same invasive cancer was found in a lymph node under her right arm. This is so rare that the doctors questioned the pathologist, asked for the tests to be re-run and then they sent it to the Mayo Clinic where they also confirmed the findings.

So, the treatment plan has drastically changed. Mom goes on Monday for a port placement in her chest for chemotherapy. Chemo will begin sometime next week and she will have six rounds (one every three to four weeks). She will also be going to undergo high def x-rays as they want to confirm the bone pain she has been experiencing truly is arthritis and not breast cancer that spread to the bone.

Today has been an extremely emotional day. This is all so much to grasp. We thought we were through the most difficult part of treatment and we haven't even started the most difficult part.

I assure you, our outlook is still positive. But today, it's a very difficult, emotional day. I pray tomorrow is better and brings us a sense of peace - that all will be fine. Tonight, as all this sinks in - that feeling isn't here. I'm sure God will bless us with it soon. . .just not tonight.

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  1. Prayers are with your mom and the entire family right now!