Friday, August 12, 2011

The Decision Has Been Made

The last couple weeks have been extremely difficult. My mother has faced probably the most difficult decision she has ever faced. Mastectomy vs. lumpectomy. She's spent much time speaking with doctors and seeking opinions. She has made a very educated, thought-out decision.

Friday, August 19th, she will be going to surgery for a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. It wasn't easy to come to that conclusion but it is what she feels most comfortable with.

She's met with the breast cancer surgeon, oncologist, breast cancer doctor, plastic surgeon, the doctor in radiation oncology and the dietician. The MD Anderson team is amazing and she feels so confident in the work they do.

Monday morning she goes for the PET scan. This scan will tell them if the cancer is anywhere else in her body and could change the course of treatment depending on what it reveals. We are praying very hard that only her breasts are affected and no surprises will show on the scan.

Thursday, the surgery prep begins, first with another type of scan followed by a lymph node biopsy. On Friday, it's another type of scan followed by the five hour surgery to remove her breasts and prepare her body for reconstruction. She has opted for implants, but those will not come for several months.

The doctors also advised that there is a good chance she will be undergoing some chemotherapy and radiation.

So, that's where we are today. This is her last weekend before surgery.

Please send prayers that the PET scan results from Monday will be all clear.


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