Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mother's birthday. Every special event right now seems that much more special. I'm not sure if it's the realization of our own mortality, which makes us take notice of special days that much more, or perhaps it's the underlying tone of thankfulness. Nonetheless, special days are special. But everyday is truly special. Each day is one more day together.

I'm so very happy that I live close to my mother. That we have a relationship of friends. Before the cancer I spoke to my mom on the telephone multiple times per day. We shopped together, weekly. We had family dinners, regularly. Our relationship has always been extremely close. I can't say the cancer has made us closer - as we already were. But, it has seemed to make me take more notice of the time we have together and try to notice the enjoyment it brings.

Tonight, we will have a very small, low-key celebration at mom's house. She is requesting Publix birthday cake with whipped cream icing - so, that's exactly what she will get.

Pictured above are two arrangements of flowers sent to her from her co-workers. It was one of the most touching gestures, as each person brought in a silk flower and attached a personal note to my mom. As you can see, many participated and she has been taking time today to read the notes - with a box of tissues, of course!!

To all that have been keeping my mom in your thoughts and prayers - thank you!! And thank you all for the well wishes on her birthday. She has been receiving all kinds of posts on Facebook and they truly warm her heart.

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